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Police dogs are used in the attack members of the black community members engaged in the peaceful protests. Luther states that the treatment of Negroes in the prison is very inhumane. He states that they example of logos in letter from birmingham jail essay are beaten up and denied food whenever they demand to say the grace or pray together with their white counter parts. Luther makes use of metaphorical language, which helps the reader establish a connection between common occurrences and exceptional experiences. The language helps illustrate the kind of life experienced by the black community. In the literal work, Letter from a Birmingham Jail Martin Luther makes.

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Analysis of Martin Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail. Analysis of Martin Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail. Letter from a Birmingham Jail was written by Martin Luther King in the year 1963. This was an open letter written by Martin Luther King from a Birmingham jail in Alabama, where he had been imprisoned for.He says that though the elderly woman is uneducated, she knows her cause of suffering is because of the inequity and discrimination in society. Luther by this implies that one does not have to be very to realize the inequity in society. Martin Luther appeals to logos when states that I have almost reached the.

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