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Nonviolence. The most potent weapon is the theme of this years the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Student contest. The winnings are published in this section. The contest, in its 31st year, is sponsored by school the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association and the Journal Sentinel. Meredith A. Gingold First Place Grades 11-12. An act.We congratulate our 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Art, Writing and Multimedia contest winners! (Please click on the names to view the student s work) Writing Contest Winners, mozie VanRaaij - Grade 6 - Ridgewood Elementary School, Springfield, Ohio. Anna Blumberg - Grade 7 - Burnsold Middle School, Marysville, Ohio. KnowEl Willhight - Grade 8 - Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, Ohio. Zoee Biddle - Grade 9 - Southeastern High School, South Vienna, Ohio. Zachary Schreckenberger - Grade 12 - Green High School, Green, Ohio. Art Contest Winners, gabby Hougan - Grade 6 - Springboro Intermediate School, Springboro, Ohio. Kaylee Green - Grade 7 - Lockland.

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When my family and I beauty listen to the news, all we hear about is people getting killed. I ask my mom and dad, Why? Why is there so much violence in the world? John Sliwa Second Place Grades 2-3. Respect for downloading others is key to getting along. I practice nonviolence in a few different ways. First, when we disagree at home, we try and talk things out. Second, you shouldnt let people get to you because once you feel hate for them youre no better then they are. Ahsan Sikander Third Place Grades 11-12. Kings philosophy fits teachings of Islam.#1 smelly smelly, new user, members 7 posts, posted 01:45 PM. For my foundation degree I am writing an assignment on multi-agency working and am struggling to think of any theorists who underpin the importance of it. I have loads of publications and books that I can draw upon, but no theorists. At the moment.

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